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Maximising Value Using Residential Efficiency Ratings

A property's energy rating is critical to knowing what to expect from a home, how comfortable you should be in it and what its likely to cost to run. This course takes you through the key residential energy ratings, what they measure and what they mean. A must for anyone in the property industry, builder, architect, designer, broker or real estate agent. Know your ratings, know what to look for and know what matters.

Course summary

  • 3-hour short course for residential property sector
  • Developed by Sustainability Consultants and Building Industry Educators
  • CPD points allocation to be confirmed with various providers
  • Certificate provided on completion of course


  • Develop understanding of residential energy efficiency rating tools, what the ratings measure, what they mean and how it benefits homeowners
  • Expand your toolkit to identify hidden value in property
  • Increase awareness of changing consumer attitudes and priorities in relation to their homes
  • Build awareness and increase knowledge within the industry on residential energy rating schemes and how they can be used.

What you will learn

At the end of the course you will:

  • Understand changing consumer trends and attitudes towards homes
  • Understand the key residential rating and certification tools
  • Understand the benefits to your clients
  • Know what to look for and how to promote it

This course covers:

  • Research based changing consumer preferences and expectations
  • The changing real estate landscape
  • The key home energy ratings, what they measure and what they look like
  • Using ratings to maximise value
  • National schemes and disclosure

The course will take you through

  • Introduction and why energy ratings matter
  • The research findings – consumer preferences are changing, impact on the building and real estate sector
  • The residential energy rating tools (what they are, measure, value)
  • No rating on a home? What to look for – Certifications, features solar etc.
  • Tools to help (checklists, promoting the rating/features)
  • Engaging homeowners, builders, buyers, sellers and tenants
  • Greenwashing
  • Cheat sheets and checklist

Duration: 3 Hours

Availability: Online, 24/7, self-paced

Cost: $245