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Green Property Professional Logo Use

Use of Logo - Terms and Conditions

What is the logo?

Green Property Professional certification

The Green Property Professional logo is an easily distinguishable mark of knowledge and signifies that the logo holder has attended specialised training on identifying and marketing efficient, sustainable commercial buildings. The logo signifies that you have completed the ‘Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate’ training course.

By completing the ‘Sustainability in Commercial Real Estate’ training course for Real Estate Professionals you are entitled to use a personalised copy of the Green Property Professional logo.

The personalised logo will be provided in JPEG format and by using the logo you agree to these terms and conditions as follows.

Who can use the logo

All ‘Green Property Professional’ logo’s are personalised and carry the professional’s name. The logo may only be used by the person named on the logo. Use by any other person for any reason is strictly prohibited.

When can you use the logo

The ‘logo holder’ may use the logo on personal profile information including…

  • marketing materials including web site profiles, brochures and
  • advertisements and promotional information in any medium (including print, television, radio, banners, internet, etc.) for the logo holder,
  • business stationery, business cards and email ‘signatures’.

You cannot…

  • Modify or change the logo in any way other than to resize in its entirety to fit with marketing requirements
  • Allow any other person to use your logo.

You agree that you will not…

  • present false or misleading information about sustainable buildings or services
  • directly or indirectly imply Green Building Institute sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your organisation, product or service
  • display the Logo on any material that contains or displays adult content, promotes gambling, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol, or otherwise violates applicable law
  • change the colours of the logo unless to print in black and white (greyscale) if not printing in colour
  • edit, alter, modify, morph or animate the Logo.


The Green Building Institute reserves the right to terminate or modify your permission to display the Logo at any time should a breach of this agreement be identified. If your use meets the above criteria, no further written permission is required, and you may use the Logo for use in accordance with the guidelines above.

Contact information

If you require any further information contact the Green Building Institute on 0404 453 447, or email d.king@greenbuilding.org.au

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