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Green Building Campus

Pop-Up Green Building Campus

Daniel Wurm | 21 Oct 2016

Media Release: GBI Launches ‘Pop-up’ Construction Campus

Multi-national builders and developers can now train staff on-site anywhere in the world thanks to innovative e-learning technology developed in Australia.
The Green Building Institute in partnership with leading Registered Training Organisations has developed on-line courses for the building industry, including apprenticeships and diploma level qualifications, that allow on-site training to be conducted in ‘pop-up campuses’, without having to send workers to colleges.

“We use state-of-the-art video response technology to connect students on construction sites to professional trainers”, says GBI manager Daniel Wurm. “The trainers can see and hear what their their students are doing on the construction site every day, and this allows them to provide one-on-one training and feed-back even for practical skills.”

The lessons are presented using multi-media video and animation, allowing trainers to demonstrate practical tasks that workers can copy on their work-site. There are over 3000 video lessons on topics ranging from basic safety inductions and sustainable building practices, to detailed instructional videos for practical tasks and technical skills.

The lessons were created by Australia’s leading trainers from the construction industry, including multi-award-winning instructional designers, and use animation and 3D modeling to engage with workers in the building industry. Assessment is conducted on-site using smart-phone and tablets, which use workplace activity recorders to allow students to upload videos and photos of themselves performing practical tasks.

“It’s a revolution in the way training is carried out. Students learn quicker and more efficiently because workers in the building industry learn kinetically”, says Daniel. “Employers save time and money by having their staff get trained on-site, without having to travel, and they know the quality of the training will be consistent no matter where the workers are. It doesn’t matter whether the workers are in Sydney or Abu Dhabi, they get equivalent information, which leads to a truly mobile workforce. The courses meet Australian qualification standards, which ensures the quality is high, but it is also the most sustainable way to conduct training, because there are minimal infrastructure costs.”

The system has been trialed over the last two years in places as diverse as Fiji, and remote outback work-sites, with excellent results. There are over 600 hundred students currently enroled in over 30 on-line short courses and apprenticeships across Australia, and the system has recently been trialed in Nigeria and China.

“We are expecting that large developers and construction companies will embrace this technology to train their staff in a sustainable and cost effective manner. The system can easily be customised and branded, and means training can be conducted anywhere there is internet connectivity.”

Contact Green Building Institute for more information.

Daniel Wurm
+61 402 312234
Skype: daniel-wurm


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